EMU user account management system

Dear university staff and students,

This programme permits you to create your EMU user access codes and e-mail address by yourself. You may also obtain a new password if you have forgotten yours. The username and password obtained here are valid in SIS (ÕIS), intranet, document management system, computer classrooms, work computers, and when reading e-mail. For creating or modifying your account you must have personal data and a valid relationship with university in the university information system (ÕIS).

In order to use the self-service system you need:

  1. A computer with an ID card reader with required software installed,
  2. An ID card with valid certificates.
Obviously you must also know your ID card code (PIN1 - identification).

Students who don’t have an ID card can create an EMU account if they go to the Student Association and have some form of ID. Members of staff without an ID card are asked to contact the IT department.

The system will automatically notify the IT department of the creation of a new staff account, after which the IT support will contact the staff member in order to configure their mailbox.

Attention! Insert the ID card into the card reader before clicking on the account creation link! When you click on the next link you are immediately prompted for a PIN1 number. If an error message opens instead of the code window, the ID card reader has not been correctly configured in your computer or the computer thinks your ID card is not in the reader.